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Twitter translations: Maya's first Q&A

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Twitter translations: Maya's first Q&A Empty Twitter translations: Maya's first Q&A

Post by Chico Tue Mar 15, 2011 3:41 pm


Question: The girl you thought about that is the prettiest, for the 1st time in your life?

Maya: You.

Q: What do you do to be that cool and adorable while being photographed?

M: It’s by nature.

Q: How do you feel with no make-up on?

M: Like DiCaprio kind of person.

Q: How tall are you?

M: 183 cm.

Q: If you had an ability to read heart of other person, whose heart/mind would you like to read!? Lol.

M: Generally hearts of other people are readable. Even if I don't want to read.

Q: Cool, cool, cool! I love it!

M: Me too.

Q: What time do you hit on writing songs most? (^-^)/

M: When I’m pressed before the deadline. Recently once in a while.

Q: Who is the bandman you’ve got a good relations with??

M: MIYAVI maybe. Or not?

Q: Aiji said before, that you want everyone. Will you want granny teamer too? (笑)

M: Even evil spirits are acceptable.

Q: What was the most surprising behaviour or action of Aiji so far?

M: 13 years ago when I phoned him only to ask about some machine parts. He made first opening to dreaming younger fellow: “I do not lend money.” [<-- Yeah, and now Aiji is paying for almost all Maya's dinners~]

Q: Who is the artist you are strongly influenced by? ☆

M: Aiji. Titles omitted.

Q: Do you think that you don't need to give up a dream?

M: I don’t know. I think I just should live my life. Sorry.

Q: I take naps in my spare time, but do you do this even if you‘re so busy?

M: You gave the right answer.

Q: How much time does it take to arrive at place?

M: 2 weeks.

Q: What should I do to be loved by everyone like you?

M: First of all try to love everybody.

Q: When have you been impressed recently?

M: Yesterday.

Q: What to do to stop a running nose? (^q^)

M: Drink.

Q: Eat something, take a bath, or…

M: Work.

Q: I speculate that you are[going out] with someone from AKB48, who with? ~♪

M: All of them.

Q: If I ask you to do this, what nickname would you add to Aiji?

M: Kenji.

Q: How is the 7-year-old bride?

M: She became 9-years-old on the 14th of July this year.

Q: Which one from AKB48 is cute and why?

M: The right to keep silence.

Q: And what about a nickname for yourself?

M: Something like Beckham.

Q: Please tell us the weak point of Senpai.

M: Ear. [<~~~ Aaaaaawwww ~(*ω*)~]


Q: When you buy NEO in bookstore you will get rabbit kaychain from the seller!

M: Please give my best regards.

Q: This NEO magazine is so cool, btw, I’ve just bought it! (*´д`*)

M: Say me more.

[ hard to translate question and answer ~~> ] シワぢゃねぇぞ、48。こら、85。 RT @kyusu85 @maya_LMC シワ(笑)[<~~ Probably he means that he won’t have wrinkles before 48, and then he changes it to 85 years old.]

Q: お母様も是非。 RT @kuminwadaiko @maya_LMC そーいえば…娘がNeo買わなくちゃ~って言ってたなぁ。[I’d say my daughter is going to buy this NEO.

M: What mother thinks, is it right or wrong?]

Q: I’m definitely buying this. I’ll buy two.

M: I’ll buy four.

Q: Why are you RTing?

M: I’m in mood.

Q: I went to buy NEO even before the opening of shop. And my cat is also glued to your picture. ★

M: Best regards to the kitty.

Q: Karaoke now. ( )・ω・(ヾ) Which song of LM.C is good for it? (*´∀`*)


Q: Waaaaaaaaaaaaa I would like Maya to RT me too!! Lol.

M: Meow.

Q: Please give me one NEO if you will buy four.

M: No way.

Q: I want to be reported by Maya too (>_<)!!!

M: Report.

Q: Please let us meet Aiji-senpai.

M: OK.

Q: I fell into tweeting of Maya. Should I become teamer because I like it too much??

M: Rather a bride. Of Aiji. Titles omitted.

★★★★★★★ translated by: Maczka&Chico ★★★★★★★

~If you wanna post our translations somewhere else or translate them to other language, feel free to do it, but please, credit and comment us~

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