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Twitter translations: Aiji's 4th Q&A

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Twitter translations: Aiji's 4th Q&A Empty Twitter translations: Aiji's 4th Q&A

Post by Chico Tue Mar 15, 2011 3:36 pm

3rd of September 2010

1) [Aiji was asked to recommend some camera…. ? I can’t translate it properly.]

2) Q: Please tell me what is the best weapon in MonHan? [MONHAN NIKKI AIRU MURA → PSP game that Aiji likes]

A: I often use one-handed sword and hammer. ← Those two in my opinion. As for the MH3 released on the 1st of December. Everybody, let’s hunt☆

3) Q: What do you think about Maya not following anyone?

A: I don’t understand it. It seems he uses Twitter not as a communication tool, but as a place just to mutter. ( ̄▽ ̄)

4) Q: You’ve had a lots of different hairstyles and colours, which one was your favourite?

A: Everyone of them was good and I really liked all. But to be honest pink was wonderful and it was difficult to renounce it. Lol.

5) Q: Who are the best musicians to play with in private? Except Maya of course.

A: Hmm… In 2010 I often meet Mutsumi from Λucifer, Kei from Kannivalism and Shinpi from the Breakers. [I’m not entirely sure this last name → シンピー]

6) Q: Have you got any prejudice against food and why? ★

A: If it’s about food I’m not picky. Oh, btw, Maya is not too. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Everyone should not be prejudiced.

7) Q: Where is the charm point?

A: It’s harrrd to say. Where do you think it is? Lol.

8) Q: Tell us how you get rid of gloomy feelings when you’re depressed or smth.

A: “From now on there should be only good things!” I always remind something like that. Lol.

9) Q: You’ve said before that you can not sleep if you will not stick your feet out of futon. Is this your good position for sleeping?

A: I stick out feet as always, because I can’t sleep when they’re too hot. I think it’s a good sleeping position of mine.

10) Q: Which one of you isn’t an easy to defeat person? ☆

A: Neither of us in LM.C has an easy to defeat spirit! That’s obvious. Lol.

11) Q: Is there any hairstyle that was a challenge for you?

A: Dreadlocks, I think? I was kind of discouraged after 2 days. Lol.

12) Q: What do you do to neutralize effects of heat?

A: I do nothing at all. Do you have something to recommend?

13) Q: Have you watched any movies or DVDs recently? Can you recommend something?

A: Yesterday I watched MJ’s (←not Murayama☆Jun) “Moonwalker”[Michael Jackson's]. But before that I would deffinately recommend the super hit “Anvil”.

14) [Someone asked Aiji about a game Airu Life and how to finish it or do something in this game. Aiji gives some advice and admits that he likes this game. I'm sorry, I can't translate that one properly m(_ _)m]

15) Q: Was there any turning point in your life? And please tell us when it was.

A: When I worked as roady [road manager] for SIAM SHADE at the age of 18. I was able to learn a lot.

16) Q: Please, Aiji, tell us your secret of youth. You look so incredibly young. ☆

A: I’m not sure if there is any secret, maybe it could be just living a full life? I thing it can be it. ☆

17) Q: Aiji-saaa〜n ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ☆ Will you come to Niigata again in the future?

A: I think I surely will! Just wait for us!

18) Q: What do you think about girls with strong tan?

A: I think that moderate tan is good and healthy. [until this question he became my super favourite gay boy, lol XD]

19) Q: Do your muscles change because of guitar playing. I started to play recently and I have problems with it and I’m getting exhausted easily.

A: I think it is a common thing that body is tuned up with a musical instrument when you play it regularly. I don’t have problems with pain anymore.

20) Q: The most important parts in the new song?!!!!!!

A: All!! d(^_^o)

[1]Addition) Q: Cheers for good work. ☆ Thank you for finding time for Q&A again, though you are so busy! And my question! When will we see the new photos that were taken today?

A: It is scheduled on the 10th of September. Don’t miss it!

[2]Addition) Q: What do you think of new release of Underground? Will you go to show in Japan?

A: I think it’s good ☆ But as for the show… I heven’t decided yet.

[3]Addition) Q: You’ve purchased a camera recently. What is the [… and now I don’t understand. Sorry. (-_-) I don’t understand answer as well, but it is something that includes specialized vocabulary.]

[4]Addition) Q: Which part you like more, Disneyland or DisneySea? Also, do you like any Disney characters?

A: Hmm…… Sea I guess as for today. I like Stich. The form of this character.

[5] Addition) Q: What kind of ramen do you like?

A: I like the simpliest soy flavour, unexpectedly.

[6] Addition) Q: I’m on a diet now, but it isn’t effective without good exercise method, (´Д`) how do you keep your wonderful figure? (´・ω・`)

A: I do exercise to, persevering training is good. ☆

[7] Addition) Q: What is the stage at 11/17 AX going to be like? Will it reflect the atmosphere of new music? The show is always elaborate, I really enjoy it!

A: Well… it’s not decided yet at all.

[8] Addition) Q: Should I go to LM.C’s LIVE to enjoy LM.C more?

A: For sure! I think you’ll understand LM.C considerably more if you come to LIVE.

[9] Addition) Q: Kinokonoyama & Takenokonosato. Which do you like? I prefer Takenokonosato ☆

A: Isn’t it a difference only in shape not in taste? Lol.

[10] Addition) Q: Do you like dried fish? Lol.

A: …Hmm… I think it’s good. Lol.

[11] Addition) Q: Can you recommend some alcohol for evening drinking? I’m drinking plum wine recently.

A: I personally don’t drink at evenings.

[12] Additional) Q: I am visiting Tokyo next month, recommend me some nice cafes or place to eat some delicious cake, please.

A: ANGELINA in Ginza district. [Ginza is a INSANELY EXCLUSIVE and RICH district in Tokyo]

[13] Additional) Q: It’s a little early, but I’m enthusiastic about the birthday show on the 17th of November! Lol.

A: … will do my best.

[14] Additional) Q: Aiji, how much is your weight now?

A: It was 56,1kg recently, and it’s 58kg now. I think it’s the best.

[15] Additional) Q: Maya twitted about his mother the other day, were you talking with your parents recently?

A: I was.

Aiji: “I finished work for today at last! I got a lot of questions from you all again ☆Thanks. I think I will pick up some more and answer it.”

[16] Addition) Q: Aiji, please tell us what kind of magazines do you read? (o^^o)

A: I don’t read much, but if so: “Famitsu”, “Degimono Station”, “Camera Weather”, “Sanreco”.

[17] Addition) Q: What to eat now?

A: Iberico ham.

[18] Addition) Q: Please, tell us some iPhone apps you like. ☆ (I tried iPad apps you recommended last time.)

A: For iPhone I would recommend similar apps.

[19] Addition) Q: What kind of cars do you like?

A: I basically like RV cars.

[20] Addition) Q: What did you mean by “almost naked”?

A: It was a lie, completely. ☆

[21] Addition) Q: It will be the fifth anniversary next year by the Year of the Rabbit… Was it planned? Lol.

A: It was entirely planned.

[22] Addition) Q: Yesterday Maya talked about his mother Izumi. What kind of person is Aiji’s mother?

A: I’m shy talking about this.

[23] Addition) Q: Is Zenko-ji area crowded at New Year’s Eve? ? ?

A: Extremely.

[24] Addition) [Someone asked about the heat in this summer, again, and Aiji answered that he don’t really mind the hot weather, but he is paying higher bills for electricity.]

[25] Addition) Q: You have played many instruments so far, but which one was the most interesting or fun?( other than a guitar)

A: Playing a tambourine was extremely serious business.

[26] Addition) Q: I would really like you to come to Aomori again! (>_<)

A: I’ll go, wait! (o *`ω´)

[27] Addition) Q: What is your favourite Apple product?

A: After all the favourite one is iPad recently.

[28] Addition) Q: What is your particularly favourite song of LM.C?

A: Sorry, there’s too much of them and I can’t decide!

[29] Addition) Q: What is music for you?

A: Music is something that takes me to wonderful pleces I’ve never been to or I’ve never even dreamed about. It’s the most important existence. ☆

[30] Addition) Q: Aiji, today was very beautiful sunset. Dyed red clouds floating in the sky. Time to stop and see something beautiful is important, isn’t it?

A: It is. I go to the art museum personally, or go to watch an empty stage, you know.

[31] Addition) Q: Is there a place you would really want to travel now? I’m from France.

A: Maldives, Tahiti, Seychelles.

[32] Addition) Q[originally in English]: Will you make LM.C official fanclub worldwide?? (^з^)-☆

A[originally in English]: Well…We has not plan.

[33] Addition) Q:「まぁやはSATOちと一緒で誰も信じてないからだよ」ってゆっけがつぶやいてました![← Sorry, I have no idea what this means.]
A: That's right ! Ha ha ha...It's a best answer for him!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

[34] Addition) Q: You did lives in many countries. Do you feel strain before every show?

A: There’s only a good feeling of strain, it’s not like I’m shaking because of tension.

[35] Addition) Q: Would you like to live in any other place than Tokyo or Nagano?

A: Okinawa.

[36] Addition) Q: Sunburn girl here. Thank you for all your answers. I ride the motorcycle of LMC specifications. ☆ Give me some sign if you’ll see me in town. Lol.

A: If I see you, I’ll do アックスボンバー(akkusubonbaa)[←no idea what it is???]

[37] Addition) Q: Does Stich seem to be a cockroach?!

A: Eeeeeeeeeh!? Isn’t it Walt Disney!?

[38] Addition) [Sorry again. I can’t translate this one, ‘cause it contains technical language… Smth about V system…]

[39] Addition) Q: Will LM.C do LIVE in Taiwan again? Last time it was canceled, I was so sad…

A: We were sad too! But wait for us to take revenge!

[40] Addition) Q: I checked it in TV the other day, there is more quantity of the chocolate in Takenokonosato than in Kinokonoyama; If you’d like to knaw that… sorry if you don’t need that information.

A: No no, I appreciate the information even if it’s general knowledge of wide variety of subjects. Lol.

Aiji: Well, my first reaction to Takenokonosato & Kinokonoyama. (>_<) To be frank, in everyday life I don’t really care about that sort of things. Need to learn more!

Aiji: I got through all the questions and answered only what I could answer imidiatelly. I’m sorry for the questions I wasn’t able to nominate. ☆Thanks for sending me so many questions again, I know it was worthed. Lol. It’s not over and I’ll be there again.
\(^o^)/ Right, shower now. ☆

★★★★★★★ translated by: Maczka&Chico ★★★★★★★

~If you wanna post our translations somewhere else or translate them to other language, feel free to do it, but please, credit and comment us~

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