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Twitter translations: random Q&A

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Twitter translations: random Q&A Empty Twitter translations: random Q&A

Post by Chico Tue Mar 15, 2011 3:42 pm

So, as you probably noticed LM.C is answering and RTing their fans randomly now. The last "regular" Q&A was Aiji's 10 000 followers Q&A [which will be posted here soon with 9 000 followers Q&A!! Please be patient! m(_ _)m]. If you follow us on ~TWITTER~ you can tell, that we are translating there their tweets[which are not replies] as fast as possible, but you probably think that we just ignoring their replies, DON'T WORRY! we are paying attention to EVERY SINGLE QUESTION. But let's be honest, translating and posting here 100th question about "cheering for good work" or "summer/night/morning/whatever sky for Aiji-saaaaan" DOES NOT MAKE SENSE AT ALL lol. So, we choosed most interesting questions only. ALSO we don't have much time now, because of school, so please be indulgent (^_^)v


18-19th of September 2010
[Someone met best friend, becouse they were wearing the same LM.C rings. Aiji said that he hope more people will meet like that.]

[Someone met his wife at LM.C’s live and married her year later on LM.C’s concert too. Aiji wished them happiness.]

Q: What kind of means of transport do you use?
A: Basically car. When I go drinking I go by train and return by taxi.

21th of September 2010
Q: I was thinking about your background picture on Twitter, did you do it yourself? And what about Maya’s…?
A: I did it myself. And Maya did it out of a picture of these things he took.

Q: I’m interested in your trainig methods. Can you share them?
A: I can’t explain it in 140 characters limit on Twitter…sorry.


19th of September 2010
Q: I’m going to visit Nagano next month. What are your favourite places in Nagano?
M: My parents house.

Q: Were you popular in middle school?
M: I was most popular in the junior high schol times.

Q: 『まーや』and『まぁや』both are pretty. Why writing it with the small ぁ?
M: Because it’s cuter.

Q: Whould you like to be send back to junior high?
M: I wouldn’t.

Q: I’m sleepy, but I don’t want to sleep. What should I do in that case?
M: Figure it out yourself.

Q: Maya~!! I don’t want to study!! ( *`ω´)
M: Do it early.

Q: Work done. I need to rest now.
M: Go to bed early.

Q: I really fell in love with Maya’s tweets. I’m listening to music now.
M: Come to live show too.

Q: I know that Nagano night sky will win with this but… [link]
M: Night sky doesn’t have any winners and loosers.

21th of September 2010
Q: Why are the new clothes jeans trousers?
M: Somehow when it was suggested “Eh… what is this guy talking…”, and then everybody agreed.

Q: Because Maya is the leading role everything will be all right, I think. [That was during PV shooting.]
M: Well, say this to these guys here. (¬_¬)

Q: What did you eat this morning?
M: If I would know that. (¬_¬)

Q: Do you like teamers??? (pounding)
M: I love.

Q: Maya, how many not displayed piercings do you have?
M: Not answering. (¬_¬)

Q: Do you like this DENKIMAN guy?
M: I don’t dislike him particulary. (¬_¬)

Q: Do you like mook mushroom?
M: Is it that toadstool?

Q: What will you do if there is 10000 followers?
M: Will you stop it? (¬_¬)

Q: I wanna boyfriend like Haruma Miura.
M: I think it’s impossible. (¬_¬)

Q: Do you like yellow?
M: No yellow Maya.

22th of September 2010
Q: What do you think you should do tomorrow?
M: Live.

Q: Have you ever had cavity?
M: No, so far.

Q: Till when should I run after the dream?
M: Till you hunt it.

Q: I’d like to have hairstyle like Maya on NEO’s cover. How should I order it?
M: “Do this, like Maya has.” say.

Q: Drink the sugar-free to the end. (^_-)-☆ [He was complaining, because he got only sugar-free coffee which he doesn’t like.]
M: I drunk it all. Pretending to taste it, but holding breath with every mouthful.

★★★★★★★ translated by: Maczka&Chico ★★★★★★★

~If you wanna post our translations somewhere else or translate them to other language, feel free to do it, but please, credit and comment us~

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