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LM.C Interview Kera December Vol 148 (English)

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LM.C Interview Kera December Vol 148 (English) Empty LM.C Interview Kera December Vol 148 (English)

Post by Teya_LMC on Thu Oct 11, 2012 4:06 pm

Mr. Of This Month

This time we infiltrated the PV shooting for LM.C’s new single “LET ME’ CRAZY!!” which will be released October 17th☆ There we observed a precious offshoot not usually seen!

LM.C Interview Kera December Vol 148 (English) White+portion

It’s the first single release for the commemoration of 5 years anniversary, we of course talk about this new single, ask about the future, and also the attention to their private fashion☆

LM.C Interview Kera December Vol 148 (English) Yellow

Q: For this single did you decide on a concept or theme?
A: Well every time we don’t really decide on a concept we choose the song with the feeling like “next time what would be good to put out”.
M: We write the song and lyrics while always thinking it would be good if we could grow into something that is “a little more advance than the previous LM.C” most recent at the time. But I don’t usually think lets go to a whole other place, never.

Q: In regards to your songs, when I listen, there are a lot of lyrics that lift your spirits isn’t there? This time the lyrics also for “LET ME’ CRAZY!!” is like a view on the world that makes you want to move forward with courage.
M:Rather than me saying do your best to someone, the feeling of saying it while facing yourself is powerful. I don’t want to consciously think about making a supportive song, here is something about a “Ah--, what’s that I heard” kind of reaction that I like to look forward to. I have been thinking that the freedom of creation for each work have been able to increase. At present when I would compose for a lengthy time, I thought this would make the composition narrow but I was able to come to the point when I could say "I wanted it like this kinda of feeling".

Q: On October of next year you won’t approach a 5th year anniversary but it will probably be like 5 years right?
A: There wasn’t really early years, because debut = activities started, though I think 5 years is different for everyone, but, completing every year, I’m able to think that every year is a blessing, I think is a wonderful thing.
M: I think if I decide on destination or goal, those things become added stress and pressure, but for the first year of the 5th anniversary, you just simply can’t help but have fun. And I guess we were allowed to make the history that has piled up.

Q: This time we intruded on the scene of the PV, so please also tell us highlights of the PV.
A: There aren’t a lot of PV’s that are shot with the same organization as a live so it’s close to a usual live, I think it would be nice if it translated a “band type feeling”.
M:Or so, the single in the fifth year after we came back after one whole year.

Q: The coupling track「No Fun, No Future」 for some reason seems half finished doesn't it?
A:Well.. that isn’t us is it? (laughs)
M: MAD AIJI doing vocals and MAD MAYA playing bass are in charge of this band called 「THE MAD LM.C」. They also are filming a PV so, if you look over some ways over there you’ll be able to see them.

Q: Who’s idea was this?
A: Maya’s.
M:Well, you could say that it's a project to liven up the 5th anniversary, because of this period it might have been why I thought of it all of a sudden.

Q: This year, isn’t there all sorts of planning?
A: There are a lot of things I want to do. Things that people in the fan club can enjoy, and things that people who aren’t in the fan club can enjoy.
M:I think we'll announce something or other at SHIBUYA AX in November.

Q: Finally, I would like to ask you also about fashion, but do you have a private thing you are curious about?
M:For me its not to catch a cold heading towards winter
A: Huh? That? (Laugh)
M: Well, I'm interested in earlier Western style clothing books. I don't ever buy things like magazines myself, but aren't there a lot of them in places like beauty salon? I think “Everyone must read these kinda of books if you buy such clothes”, but I don’t buy them (laugh). Kera! Is oriented towards girls isn't it? Well, I'll venture towards it and will use it as a reference.
A:Recently, for clothes I wanted a leather jacket, and about three days ago I was searching for one on the web for a long time. But, after all If you don't try it on then you don't really know how it fits huh? (laugh)

LM.C Interview Kera December Vol 148 (English) Lmcg

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LM.C Interview Kera December Vol 148 (English) Empty Re: LM.C Interview Kera December Vol 148 (English)

Post by TheMADFai on Fri Oct 12, 2012 11:30 pm

Thanks for this! ;3;


LM.C Interview Kera December Vol 148 (English) Tumblr_lpc2m79exb1qhqttbo1_500

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