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LM.C interview in Japan Pop

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LM.C interview in Japan Pop Empty LM.C interview in Japan Pop

Post by piggyromance on Sun Aug 19, 2012 1:32 pm

So~, I finally translated LM.C interview from finnish japanese pop culture magazine, called Japan Pop! \(^o^)/ They did this interview two years ago, before their second gig in Finland. I apologize my bad english, but I tried my best with this... so, in this interview they talk about their album "WONDERFUL WONDERHOLIC" and their would tour. Enjoy if you can! laugh


Japan pop: Today I'd like to talk about your European tour and after it about your new album. Hopefully our conversation will be relaxed and funny, even though 20 minutes isn't a lot of time.

(LM.C nods)

JP: Your tour began two days ago in Russia. What did you like of Moscow? Did the tour start well?

Maya: It was the opening city of the tour, so we were really excited. The concert even though was really heavy - there was really hot in the venue.

Aiji: We have never played in such a difficult venue.

JP: Were there too many people, or was the venue too small?

Maya: There were something wrong with the air conditioning.

Aiji: Even though the concert was heavy, it was really nice to see all those people, that had came to see us. We weren't last time in Russia, so it was nice to meet local fans.

JP: This is your second European tour. When you think back about the last year tour, are you waiting for some country especially?

Maya: Not actually. The tour itself, what we've waited for.

JP: Being on tour is heavy work. I checked your schedule from online, and it's quite strict. Do you have any time to view around?

Aiji: No. We travel from the venue to the venue. (+ something that was too difficult too translate, in my opinion... I AM SORRY. ;A; It is something like it's okay for them to view landscapes in the car too...)

JP: Is there any different between touring in Japan and Europe?

Aiji: MCs are shorter! (in Europe) (laughs) but in a good way!

Maya: We learn a bit local languages. We say greetings and stuff. However, I forget them immediately. (laughs)

JP: Have you had chance to change comments and opinions with other japanese bands, that have toured in Europe?

Maya: Yes, a bit. (wonders) Other bands have had problems during their tours. We haven't had any problems yet.

JP: Are you afraid if sometimes goes wrong?

Aiji: Not, actually.

Maya: But our hotel in Moscow was scary! Such... sci-fi. Futuristic. It was really weird to be there.

JP: (laughs) Hopefully your hotel in Helsinki has been better.

LM.C: Our hotel in Helsinki is much better! (laughs)

JP: If we talk a bit in a general level. What's different between this tour and the last one? Will we see something new on stage?

Maya: We have a new album, and we perform its songs. New songs are our new thing.

Aiji: We have also new guys playing in the background. Our groove is new, and hopefully we can convey it on stage.

JP: How about band itself? Have you changed at all during year?

Maya: I've grew up equally one centimeter!

Aiji: (bursts into laugh) Maya! Try to behave!

JP: You are on your second European tour, you've just released your third album, and both of you have also a long career before LM.C. Is there something else, you'd like to reach musically? Would you like to do for example collaboration with somebody?

Aiji: We don't have special dreams or goals. We only want to continue as LM.C as long as possible, get more fans, and make people listen to our music.

JP: That's a good dream. If we talk about your music and new album, WONDERFUL WONDERHOLIC. Which one is the song, what you have waited for to perform most?

Maya: Not specially the only one. There is something fun in every song, so there are a lot of different types songs in album, which is nice to play in different moods. Performing EDO FUNK is though the most enjoyable.

Aiji: The fans love it in Japan.

JP: When you recorded new material, were there in some song feeling like: "This is going to sound good at lives"

Aiji: No. We don't think about concerts and lives when we are making music, or what certain song might sound like on stage. We only try to make good songs, search shapes, which work the best.

JP: What kind of this time was doing a new album? Easy?

Maya: (sighs) There's no thing like "easy way to make music"

Aiji: Only making one song is really difficult. Recording is heavy, and we survive of it by thinking about upcoming tours and fans.

JP: When you were making a new album, did you have any ways to alleviate stress?

Aiji: (smirks) I don't know, does it alleviate stress at all, but when we are making new songs, we usually go to eat sushi.

Maya: We don't actually have any recreations, but we like to eat good food.

Aiji: If we only get good sushi, it doesn't matter if we did a good song or not. (smiles)

JP: How would you describe WONDERFUL WONDERHOLIC to person, who has never heard of you?

Maya: It comes from Japan, it's made in Japan, and the songs are sung in japanese. When we play songs abroad, I want to think, that... (stops to think) I want that people would be able to see our world's visual view. Being japanese is a part of it.

Aiji: Thinking about other bands, it's rare, that there are only two members in band. It's unique. Our genre is also own: we mix different things in our music, and end result is personal.

JP: Is there any song in the album, which describes perfectly the core of WONDERFUL WONDERHOLIC... its innermost essence?

Maya: One certain song? no. It would feel weird to say only one song and say it is WONDERFUL WONDERHOLIC. Album's core is its whole: if one song is missing, it doesn't change our album to the other one, and secondly, all those 13 songs have to be in it, so view would be perfect and album's soul in place.

Aiji: We've made our own space. The album is like universe, but the difference is that even though stars would disappear from the sky some day, our songs keep existing and living. I don't know what's difference between words "cosmic" and "space", mut I think that "cosmic" describes WONDERFUL WONDERHOLIC in the best way.

JP: The last question: Do you have any "wonderful" things in your life, for what you are thankful every day?

Maya: Being alive. That I'm able to produce music and bring it to people. It's also wonderful and great, that I can believe in myself and in it what I'm doing right now.



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LM.C interview in Japan Pop Empty Re: LM.C interview in Japan Pop

Post by TheMADFai on Mon Aug 20, 2012 12:19 am

Thanks for the translation! cheer


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