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Interview in Chile

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Interview in Chile Empty Interview in Chile

Post by Zemyx on Wed May 16, 2012 8:19 pm

LM.C met with the press within an hour of their show in Santiago de Chile, during their world tour LM.C LIVE TOUR 2012 -STRONG POP- world tour. In about thirty minutes and in a very cheerful atmosphere, maya and Aiji answered the questions calmly but were also clearly eager to rock.

What encouraged you to come to our country?

Aiji: We have visited countries closer to Japan, like Taiwan or the US, but coming to Chile, the farthest place that we've been to, was an experience we did not want to forget about and that’s why we came back.

Recently you celebrated your fifth anniversary. What has been the best part of being together?

maya: We are very happy to have come so far, to be able to celebrate our fifth anniversary. And it's all thanks to our fans from all over the world, even those from countries like Chile, so far away. That motivates us to move forward.

Two years ago you were in Chile and Brazil. What is the difference between fans from South America, Europe and Japan?

maya: People’s emotion in South America is really impressive.

The first time you visited Chile was to promote your first album, GLITTER LOUD BOX. How has your work evolved from your first album to Strong Pop?

Aiji: Not much has changed, since our first motivation for doing music has always remained. LM.C has been able to grow up remaining the same; the sole change is that our music has become a bit more pop. We have always had the same will to keep growing.

What was the most important aspect of your performance in Chile? Do you think it will happen again tonight?

maya: I think it's the audience’s emotion, which is very euphoric. I really hope that it will be repeated tonight and I am sure it will.

To make Strong Pop, you worked with other artists, like Miya of MUCC. How was it working with such important musicians?

maya: Despite the collaborations, we didn’t change much. But the fact that we were with a guest artist gave a special touch to our work.

We know that both of you had major projects prior to LM.C. How have you changed from that period to now with LM.C?

Aiji: I was in a band with five members (PIERROT). What I like the most about LM.C is that we are only two people, so making decisions is much easier. (laughs)

Recently you performed at Budokan. What are your feelings about being able to perform in such an important venue?

maya: The first thing we felt was a great happiness, for being able to arrive to such an important venue only five years after our debut. We also appreciated that the fans helped us to reach that level.

Can you give us a short review of Strong Pop?

Aiji: Beyond its name, we put in a lot of things from our lives, our experiences and also things that the future will bring. We feel that this album shows LM.C’s essence.

What made you decide to pursue careers as musicians?

maya: It was when I was in elementary school, I loved music and bands. I even had my own cover band.

Aiji: When I was in high school I realized I didn’t want to be a simple salary man. (laughs)

What would you say to fans that couldn’t come to the concert today?

maya: Come next time. (laughs)

Aiji: We have come across the world, it is a shame they could not come. I hope they will be able to come next time.

A group of fans approached and handed them a Fanbook.

maya: Thank you very much! We will look at it closely.

Aiji: Thank you very much!

Can you give a message to your fans?

Aiji (to all the people on the room): Will you come to the show? I hope you have lots of fun. It will be really enjoyable, and I hope it will be a good memory for you.

maya: I am very happy to be able to be here for the second time, so please continue supporting us.

JaME would like to thank to LM.C, its staff, Patricia Arias and Rock Shows Chile Productions for making this article possible.

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