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Twitter translations: Aiji's 2nd Q&A + Maya

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Twitter translations: Aiji's 2nd Q&A + Maya Empty Twitter translations: Aiji's 2nd Q&A + Maya

Post by Chico on Tue Mar 15, 2011 3:31 pm

Aiji's Q&A - 18.8.2010

Aiji: I ended various meetings. Now recruiting questions. This time I celebrate 6000 followers. (←it doesn’t take a number at all. Lol.) ☆ I'll answer any question. C'mon!

1) Q: What do you like about Maya best?

A: Sudenly that kind of question! Lol. Aloof from the world as well as being spicy, I guess.

2) Q: What is the recommended Starbucks menu of Aiji?

A: Recently it’s a simple Starbucks ice latte. I enjoy fragrance of beans.

3) Q: We know Aiji likes fruits. But what fruit do you like because of taste / a fragrance / an appearance most?

A: Taste: I would say peach. Fragrance: strawberry surprisingly. Look: overpowering dragon fruit. (Well, as for 18th of August 2010)

4) Q: Are you enthusiastic about JACK this summer? [JACK IN THE BOX 2010]

A: In any case I’ll enjoy! And, make friends with Tatsuro-kun[from MUCC] more. Lol.

5) Q: Please, tell us support members for JACK. ★

A: Bass: mACKAz, Drum: Yuya, the rest: DENKIMAN.

6) Q: I’m really looking forward to the next single. \(^o^)/ What kind of music will it be?

A: I think, LM.C don’t belong to any conventional type now.

7) Q: When you(LM.C) meet each other every day, what kind of greetings do you use? A simple “Good morning” or what?

A: -“Oissu.” - “…ssu.” [“oissu” is a slang greeting, smth like: “Hey”]

8) Q: What is the next thing you look forward to most?

A: The next live at Shibuya AX.

9) Q: In what moments you realize that LM.C does good?

A: When I see all those happy faces from stage. Cool!

10) Q: Where is the place that you want to go most now?

A: Sweltering hot Maledivas!

11) Q: What would you want to see, if you went into space?

A: At firs Earth, I think. ☆

12) Q: What P.U.[pickup] for the guitar you have now?

A: Seymour Duncan custom-made product.

13) Q: When you write music/song, do you imagine any specific things/situations that should match with lyrics?

A: Somehow I do, I capture pictures, objects or general design ideas with sound. We finish it as intuitively as possible.

14) Q: What would you do living in Tokyo, if you weren’t an musician?

A: I wouldn’t live, I guess.

15) Q: Recommend me some applications for iPad, please. ☆

A: The last! ”TypeDrawing”, ”GoodReader for iPad”, ”Shazam for iPad”, ”KORG iELECTRIBE”

Aiji: “Though it should be end, so many people sent me questions that I decided to add another five and answer it.”

16) [Q&A originally in English] Q: which guitar is your favorite?...rainbow ESP or Flame ESP?

A: It's a very difficult question!...Well....Both!!( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

17) [Q&A originally in English] Q: Where will you go if you came to Singapore again?

A: Merlion again!! v( ̄▽ ̄)v Please tell me your recommend!

18) Q: What is favourite animal of Aiji-san?

A: Dogs recently, particulary French bulldog. A so-called pony and an American miniature horse...

Extra) [to question 5]Q: What about Jun?(;゜0゜)

A: Shit! I forgot Murayama. ☆

19) Q: What is your favourite perfume?

A: Recently “the one” by DOLCE&GABBANA is my favourite.

20) Q: What was your reaction when you and Maya wore the same T-shirts two times? Lol.

A: When that happened, I was like… “T-shirts? What? How sweet!”

MAYA's randomness ♥ (25th of August 2010)

“Let’s set things up.”

“First of all, let’s go buy some milk.”

“After all I gave up having milk. If the sun didn’t shine that much, I would be a little more motivated.”

“Let’s draw some pictures. I’m going to see them when I come to PV shooting party on the 13th of September.” [LM.C will recruit people(fans) for the new PV shooting.]

“About to change the draw. Have something diagonally.”

And more of Maya's randomness (26th of August 2010)

“And today in the studio recording guitar. I’m still recording. I started another streak.”

“<<It’s thrilling, isn’t it?>>I always refer to that.”

“I sneaked out from studio feeling dizzy because of the volume. Now heading to a convenience store.”

“Surely… Oden! For sure!” [oden – Japanese winter dish.]

“The season is nearly over. On the way back to studio I’ll buy miso soup and some pickled cucumbers.”

“And, safely returned.”

“Senpai is staring at something here. Those dangerous eyes ... certainly aims at these cucumbers!!!! Hii… [onomatopoeic word for baby’s cry]”

„And Senpai:<<Why did you buy food?! The dinner will be soon! Silly you…>> I have been reprimanded. Sniff… It’s not like I’m gonna complain to mother, though.”

★★★★★★★ translated by: Maczka&Chico ★★★★★★★

~If you want to post these translations somewhere else or translate them to other language feel free to do it, but please, comment and credit us~

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