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Twitter translations: Aiji's 3rd Q&A + Maya

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Twitter translations: Aiji's 3rd Q&A + Maya Empty Twitter translations: Aiji's 3rd Q&A + Maya

Post by Chico on Tue Mar 15, 2011 3:32 pm

25th of August 2010

Q&A celebrating 7000 followers.

1) Q: What is your favourite dessert~?

A: Hmm… When it’s a simple Tokoro, I like it with a lot of cream puff.

2) Q: Do you have to scold or preach Maya or any support members?

A: Yes I do. I used to preach a sermon to Maya in the old days. Lol, but it’s rare now. Oh, now I scold Murayama☆Jun more often. Lol.

3) Q: Was there any strange actions of Maya recently? What it was?

A: His actions are usually strange, but I don’t notice them anymore, probably because we spend too much time together. Lol.

4) Q: How was Aiji’s high school, or did you graduate any other school ? (`・ω・´)

A: Because I wanted to play music I didn’t enter a school of higher grade. I entered the studio and the band instead. It was fun in the high school, though. Lol

5) Q: Who would you like to meet with (It doesn’t have to be a person that really exists.), and what would you like to talk about?

A: Hmm… With Shōtoku Taishi or Himiko. Lol. We could talk about any game by Toco Games. Lol.

6) Q: What place do you and Maya want?

A: No particular place. Just any place where we would feel carefree and pleasantly.

7) Q: Taiyaki with white jelly filling is now popular. What is your favourite? What ingredients do you like in Taiyaki?

A: I like it. I can’t really say what ingredients were used, since I ate it only few times. But anyway, I can recommend it, can’t I?

8) Q: How many guitars do you have? Please tell us which one is your favourite?

A: I can’t really count them, because some I keep in a warehouse, and at home now I have 8 guitars and 2 bases. I have personal attitude to all of them so I can’t choose the favourite one, lol.

9) Q: You were answering some questions in english the other days. Are you studying specially for that, or something?

A: Because I haven’t studied, I want to study.

10) Q: If you were a woman, who from your fellow artists would you go out with?

A: I would go out with anyone. Lol.

11) Q: From all the outfits that you have worn, which one is your most favourite?

A: I like them all, but if I dare to choose, it will be the outfit from the 2nd Album[Gimmical☆Impact!!].

12) Q: Can you understand the Nagano dialect? It’s rare to hear it now, isn’t it?

A: It is rare. The generation of grandparents and parents use words that I don't understand sometimes.

13) Q: Your body is always beautiful, but what products do you use or what do you do to take care of your body? I was always concerned about your smooth skin.

A: I generally take care of myself. I’m trying to avoid too much stress and take care of my health. I’d say that being in good physical condition is also important for your skin.

14) Q: Would it be possible to see a video with Maya&Aiji’s version of “EDO FUNK” dance? (`・ω・*)

A: It's impossible! \ (^ O ^) /

15) Q: Is there any foreign country you haven’t done LIVE in, that you would like to perform?

A: The show in Thailand that has been canceled this year. I want it to be realized as soon as possible.

16) Q: What is your favourite emoticon or sign??

A: I tend to use: ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ recently.

17) Q: Are you a person who have a sweet tooth or a person who likes drinking?

A: Both.

18) Q: What are you and Maya afraid of? I’m a girl so I get scared really easily, what about you? (Lol)

A: I’m the one who is easily scared[more than Maya]. I’m not that fearful like a girl, but I mostly react like a girl when I got scared. Lol.

19) Q: You had written on the blog before that you’re using Berger aroma lamp a lot (me too!). Please tell me your favourite and recommended oils. ☆

A: Vanilla, Ocean, Lotus are good.

20) Q: You woke up in the morning and it turns out that Maya had left! What would you do?

A: … I think I would give up. Lol. Then I would sleep through the first day.

[And then Maya threw in a line]: Please don’t give up. Please don’t give up. Please don’t give up.]

21) Q: In Singapore, did you buy anything there or did you do sightseeing?

A: We bought souvenirs. We didn’t have time for proper sightseeing.

22) Q: I am going to become 30 soon. And I can’t help being anxious… (Lol.) Can you tell me what do you think is the difference between 20s and 30s?

A: Passing 30s no longer requires being like an adult. I was anxious to be 30 too. It happened without failure and heart breake. It was rather a moment of accumulation of experience and all the know-how things in your life, and life seems to be more fun now.

23) Q: What is the key to spend happy every day?

A: I have a common feeling of happiness. Just thinking or talking about negative things pulls everything into dark side, so I just stopped doing that.

24) Q: What are your best memories of this summer?

A: Live at Shibuya C.C. Lemon Hall, JACK IN THE BOX, and Ken-chan’s BBQ in the meantime.

25) Q: What kind of environment is the most comfortable to rehearse in? What influences it: size of the area, equipment, catering…?

A: The area is OK if it’s not too small. As for the equipment it has to just work properly. The rest is just additional.

26) Q: What would you use the money for, if you won 100 million yen in a lottery?

A: For us! I mean for LM.C live production and promotion. I’m too realistic, I’m sorry. Lol.

27) Q: Can you watch any LIVE as a viewer sometimes, or just from backstage??

A: I see a lot of them, but not as a viewer unfortunately. I should go and watch more often!

[Maya threw in a line again]: Oh, wanna go see something LIVE.

28) Q: Aiji’s love for music reaches over the world, but I was wondering what do you think about recent K-POP?

A: There’s a boom of K-POP and I think generally Asian music. It’s very catchy and easy listening songs. Personally I like BIGBANG or KARA as well as other K-POP.

29) Q: What are you listening to recently, can you recommend something?

A: There’s a lot… Alice Nine「閃光」, MERRY「The Cry Against...」, Girugamesh「sunrise」, KARA「Mr.」, AKB48「Heavy Rotation」

30) Q: What are your moments of relax?

A: When the recording is over and I’m drinking alcohol while listening to a completed song. Or when I’m watching the sea in the South Island.

[And at the end Aiji said thank you for all questions, he said he hopes to do another Q&A in the future. But… After a several minutes Aiji returned with 10 more “extra” answers without warning.]

Extra) Q: I’m in my late 20s, but I’d like to start playing some instrument. Is it too late for that?

A: It’s not too late! You can always start playing. ☆

Extra) Q: Did you ever broke up with a partner by mail?

A: I don’t understand it. What kind of question is that.

Extra) Q: How was JACK?

A: It was the best☆

Extra) Q: Please tell me what kind of hair care products you use. Your hair looks really healthy, though you seems to play with them a lot.

A: I don’t really do anything, I just get my hair done at the salon, and my hair seems to be strong by nature.

Extra) Q: I became a fan of LM.C one week ago! Is there any special mental attitude? p(^^)q

A: Welcome! I’m not sure if there’s any special mental attitude, really. Lol. I’d like you to enjoy LM.C like anyone else.

Extra) Q: I went to watch LM.C live on the 19th of July, It was fuckin cool and headbanging. (≧∀≦) That was more rawdy than I thought, is LM.C always aggressive like that????

A: I’m glad you enjoyed it. Somehow we usually get aggressive together. d(^_^o)

Extra) Q: How tall are you?

A: 175cm

Extra) Q: What camera do you use? Are you using the same when you are taking pictures for your blog or Twitter??

A: I use Leica X1, but the pics that I upload I usually took with my iPhone.

Extra) Q: Is Mr. Tadakimi a producer of new PV again? (^-^)

A: Yes he is.

Extra) Q: Who is Maya for you?

A: He is like my younger brother.

Aiji: I replied some additional questions. (>_<) Now I have to prepare for tomorrow’s guitar recording of the new song.

Extra) Q [originally in English]: What are you feeling now?

A[originally in English]: It's good!! but...a little bit tired.( ̄▽ ̄)No problem.

Extra) Q: I’m happy that you meet us at Q&A☆and shared so many interesting and fun informations.

A: Me too!

29th of August 2010

Maya recorded vocals today and it went really good and quickly. In the late evening he wrote: “I want to do national tour. / No, I want a world tour.” And then: “I’m looking at the Moon for five minutes now. / Looking at the same Moon we are always connected.”

Funny fact: Google translator translates ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ as a "Bruno" lol. XDD

★★★★★★★ translated by: Maczka&Chico ★★★★★★★

~If you want to post it somewhere else or translate to other language, feel free to do it, but please comment and credit us~

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