Suggest things LM.C should wear!

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Suggest things LM.C should wear! Empty Suggest things LM.C should wear!

Post by Kei on Tue Nov 18, 2014 8:38 pm

I always find myself seeing clothes and going "oh that would look amazing on Maya/Aiji. So I thought I'd make a little game out of it~

Post any clothes you've seen that you think would look great on Maya or Aiji and and maybe write why if you want to!

It's not really a game but whatever it'll be fun i think~

So, I'll start~ just one piece of clothing I've seen recently

I recently saw this shirt and thought "wow it'd look good on Maya" because it's got little constellations on it~
Suggest things LM.C should wear! Tumblr_negvucryJZ1t5hta1o1_1280
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