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La Dee Da (English)

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La Dee Da (English) Empty La Dee Da (English)

Post by Toshihaya Sun Jun 03, 2012 2:51 pm

Taking everything you want in your hands The king of a country extremely far from the sea
A palace becomes visible to a dancer He touches her black hair and falls in love

The smell of Mocha Mattari wakes her up High in the sky there is an arabesque of gold and silver
There are things made of marble It does not satisfy that heart of her's
The maids and butlers tell her stories From that day on it was inevitable
Before long the king had cast everything away He rushes away from the castle

La la la-dee-da...
How long has it been This feeling Morning comes and he's awakened from his dream
La la la-dee-da...
Scheherazade I fall behind in my teachings Where can I go to meet that girl?

There is no one thousand and one nights, I drown in light Even if I get it all
In that spot a melody calls me to the sea I let this body sink and give offer myself

"You can have anything you want" That was the expectation of the moustached man
You always got everything you wanted You lost everything

La la la-dee-da...
This isn't supposed to be happening It's a melody of confused loneliness
La la la-dee-da...
Scheherazade, hear me
The overly foolish man continues to search It's the story's pitiful conclusion

In one thousand wishes, only one is granted If I could just return to that time
From the heavens a melody invites me to the sea I submerge this body and sacrifice it

In one thousand, there is one nameless night, I drown in light I parted from everything
My love was endless, though it seemed inconsistent I cannot erase the illusion of that day



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