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Our Home, Our Future

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Our Home, Our Future Empty Our Home, Our Future

Post by Ikari_no_Ojo Wed Nov 30, 2011 5:03 pm

To the Boys and Girls
Under these 88 lights
We're prepared to Rock The LM.C
Along with our friends
The Funny Phantom and mR. century
And...Oh My Juliet
How your Haunted House Make A Secret
Liar Liar, with your Sentimental Piggy Romance
John leads the Tiny Circus
....with VAMPIRE
Armed with our Punky Heart
We'll sing the Ningyo no Namida
Until the end of Days
With our No. 9,
The Loud_Mucker_Complex,
We prepare for the Boon!!
As MENTALLY we turn
To the -SORA namidairo-
As we Crazy A Go Go!!
With the Yellow Beauty
And yet our Rainbow Magic Orchestra
Continues to play to the CHEMICAL KING TWOON
As Bell the CAT lounges alongside Galileo
JOKER- my name is- practices
Cosmology with my girl
In Room_C, nummer 8
The TABOO that Z-Man me?
The maple leaf falls amongst the marble-s
As the Sound Odyssey echoes in our Ghost Heart
These Space Wannabiez that reside in the mosaique city,
Inside the Midnight Museum 4
This Time Warp Reel plays the Edo Funk
As we think of Optimasland
With Yasha Hime watching
Let Me Crazy!!
In this Super Duper Galaxy
Filled with its Bad Spiders
We will wish upon the Hoshi no Arika
Echoes in our hearts
pOlyLifE, meteorion
Bokura no mirai
It's a Wonderful Wonder World

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Our Home, Our Future Empty Re: Our Home, Our Future

Post by Chii Wed Nov 30, 2011 8:57 pm

wooow, this is pretty amazing! \(^o^)/

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Our Home, Our Future Empty Re: Our Home, Our Future

Post by NezyChu Sun Dec 04, 2011 5:25 pm

Aww, I loved it love


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Our Home, Our Future Empty Re: Our Home, Our Future

Post by Sponsored content

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