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Phobia (english)

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Phobia (english) Empty Phobia (english)

Post by Wolfxmaedchen on Sun Jun 03, 2018 5:51 pm

Today as well the pace
in which light and shadow are taking turns
is just like bow and arrow.
Whenever our arms are slightly touching each other
you pass me by, making a face as if you didn’t notice.
That’s how it is, this world.

This great noise that makes it hard to breath
and this city are really like a requiem.
At this crossing
everyone is pushing their way through the crowd, ruthless.
The burning desire to escape from here
is swallowed by the crowd of people.

“Wouldn’t it be a relief to disappear to somewhere else?
Tell me…”
Like that you’re staring into the distance
without blinking.

A roundabout, the endless traffic…
If it’s too much, someone honks right away.
The future is painted in grey.
The Stop sign as well as the “young” in the expression “young days”…
Nobody really uses it anymore.
It’s not like I’m feeling out of place but…

I want to embrace your heart
that is about to break.
Phobia, for you.
We keep on searching for something
we’re able to do.

Since the day we met my arms turned into wide white wings.
Phobia, I will take you along,
flying high towards the universe.
And I will keep all the pain from you.

The light bans the shadows.
The shadows follow the light.
Because if you can see the darkness
it means that there’s light as well.

In this reality that is so bright it pierces through
we’re suffering all that pain.
Even if we’re getting dressed up
and are performing this play,
we’re not able to conceal.

It’s good if the scars that don’t fade are remaining.
It doesn’t hurt anymore.

I want to embrace your heart
that is about to break.
Phobia, for you.
We keep on searching for something
we’re able to do –
until the day we will return to the earth.

Those tears are overflowing from your eyes.
Phobia, concentrate on shining!
Let’s collect it in the blurred scenery,
so that the world shines at least a little bit!

I will embrace your heart with both of my arms.
My dearest, phobia.



Phobia (english) Dxd3gz15

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