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LM.C Biography/History

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LM.C Biography/History Empty LM.C Biography/History

Post by Kei on Sun Dec 16, 2012 5:31 pm

(If we've made any mistakes or missed anything let us know and we'll fix it right away!)

Name in Japanese: エルエムシー, えるえむしー
Origin: Japan
Genres: Electronic Rock, Synthpop, Pop, Punk, Power Pop, Rap Rock.
Years Active: 2006 - Present
Labels: Pony Canyon

LM.C is the current project of Aiji (ex-Pierrot) and Maya (ex-Sinners and Miyavi support guitarist). They are a Visual Kei rock duo playing a mix of electronic rock and pop with a little bit of rap vocals mixed in, that they have dubbed "New Centry Electrock".
LM.C does not come from the name of their website They actually chose the name just to sound easy on the ears and something that didn't have any specific meaning.(source: )

Little is known about the early years of the group. Like their current line up, they rely on support members and other musicians during live shows, which is how Aiji, then still in PIERROT, first came to work with LM.C as a support guitarist.
LM.C was founded by Maya while still playing as Miyavi's support guitarist. He was later joined by Aiji of Pierrot when they annouced official disbandment in 2006. However Maya and Aiji knew each other from their shared home town of Nagano.
LM.C Made their major label debut in October of 2006 with two singles, "Trailers (Gold)" and "Trailers (Silver)". Their third single "Oh My Juliet." was released at the start of 2007 and was the 2nd ending theme for the anime "Red Garden".

Their fourth single, "BOYS & GIRLS", released in June 2007 was one of the opening themes for the "Katekyou Hitman Reborn!" anime. The dual titled single "Liar Liar/Sentimental Piggy Romace" and "Bell the CAT" were released in October and December, respectively.

In 2008, LM.C released "John" in winter and "88", another opening theme for "Katekyou Hitman Reborn!", which also reached number 3 in the weekly Oricon Charts. In Summer they traveled to North America, performing in "Battle of the Bands" at Anime Expo on 3rd July which was followed by a live at Crash Mansion in L.A., California on 3rd July.
In July of the same eyar they also performed their first large hall live at C.C. Lemon in Shibuya, Tokyo. The tickets for this show sold out withing 2 minutes of their release.
At the end of July they were invited for perform at the "Formoz Festival" in Taiwan as a main act.
In November they released their first and second albums, "Super Glitter Loud Box" and "Gimmical Impact!!" were released simultaneously worldwide and were avaliable on main music download stores.

LM.C departed on their first world tour on November 16th 2008, titled "LM.C TOUR '08-'09". This tour included performances in Soth America, Europe, and Asia completeting shows in 11 countries.

In May 2009 They were schedualed to appear at "A-Kon" in Texas, however, had to cancel due to the threat of swine flu. All other overseas tours for Pony Canyon artists were also cancelled.

on March 3rd 2010, the band released the album "Wonderful Wonderholic".
October saw the release of "Let Me' Crazy!!" which also featured the song "No Fun, No Future" by their 'alter ego' band THE MAD LM.C woth Aiji on vocals and guitar, and Maya on Bass. Boths songs had a PV (Promotional Video) released for each of them.

In 2010, LM.C appeared at FanimeCon in California where they took part in "MusicFest" on May 30th. they also had a Q&A and signing session then ext day.
The appearance in California was part of their second world tour titled "LM.C LIVE TOUR 2010". This tour encluded shows in 8 countries, a few of these being Germany, France, Italy and Russia, as well as shows in Japan and Thailand.

In July 2011, The band's single "Hoshi No Arika" was the first opening theme for "Nura: Rise of the Youkai Clan" second season and the single "THE LOVE SONG" was the second opening theme for the same anime.
Their best of album "☆★Best the LM.C☆★2006-2011 Singles" was released on October 12, 2011 was was their first best of album.

On January 8th, LM.C performed at the NIPPON BUDOUKAN for the first time and fans from all over the world flew in to attend.
In February 2012 they released the single "AH HAH" and they also began their world tour "-STRONG POP-" which was also the name of their album released on 4th April 2012. This tour included shows in North America, at Anime Central in Illinois, England, Germany, France, Russia and Taiwan. The total number of coutries visited on this tour was 15.
On November 28th LM.C released their 16th single, "DOUBLE DRAGON".

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