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Twitter translations: RANDOM TWEETS

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Twitter translations: RANDOM TWEETS Empty Twitter translations: RANDOM TWEETS

Post by Chico on Tue Mar 15, 2011 3:39 pm

4th of September

Maya wrote some nice, but obviously mainly random things.
At the beginning he was going to a meeting with Aiji and during that they were listening to 88 in Aiji's car. Maya was turning up and down the volume several times and he said that the song seems different to him than it was before. "Still the same, but different." (lol, who knows what he means). Later they were waiting for photos they took yesterday and after that started to work on single's booklet and stuff like that. In the meantime Maya wrote: "I want to go snowboard. Right now." [Lol.] When they ended work Maya said he wants to do things like at Saturday night. After another while Maya wrote it seems that Aiji is somehow related with some TOKYO motorcycle gang. He was really excited about this and about Aiji's mysterious past. After 5 hours [It must have been cool party, god knows with who and where, btw.] Aiji replied to Maya that he completely missunderstood a meaning and he tends to twist truth (and Aiji added Lol, of course).

6th of September 2010

Maya started with tweeting. He wrote that he is working at home on LET ME’ CRAZY!! And he thought he would end quickly, but it needs attention from the beginning to the end like a baby. And then, that he is going to be a little neglectful parent, ‘cause he is going to play. Then Aiji wrote he is/they are going to BBQ before work. And a while after, Aiji: “Btw, today again… Wearing the same T-shirts with Maya…
( ̄ー ̄)”

Then they’re all together having BBQ. [I’m not entirely sure the names, but there were Aiji, Maya, Denkiman, and some support members of LM.C, and probably someone else as well.]

Maya wrote that it’s “women only” group. (。^_^。) [Yeah, he means there are just guys on this BBQ…]

Maya: “The reaction of Senpai was kind of super-high when I ate a pineapple. [Maybe he ate the pineapple that Aiji wanted to try too?]

Maya: “Ah~ That’s the youth.” , “I’ve almost cried in a moment.” , “But it’s sort of expected things when you are alive.” , I may not know tomorrow, but it’s not important till tomorrow.” , “Also, I want LIVE[show] soon!”

Denki wrote he wants to go to another “star-free” BBQ….

Aiji: “BBQ is fun.” , “The evening wind feels nice…”

Maya: “To the studio. It seems we’ve arrived too early. Maybe we should go to Starbucks?” , “The confidence reflects on a face. It appears even more when there’s no confidence.”

LMC_staff: "To Do" list for Sep 6th : 1. BBQ - done! 2. Starbucks - done! 3. Studio Work - now in progress...

Aiji: Today, I’ve spent the best time with best friends. What a wonderful day! , “TwitBird freakd out. I took a picture today that I wanted to upload, but though I try I can’t. What’s up with it?”

And Maya wrote that work is in progress and he is doing his best of the best; Aiji finally managed to upload the photo of sunset from their BBQ. < !CLICK! >

In the meantime Aiji is talking on Twitter with his friends (other jrockers, photographer etc., about everything and nothing. He is doing it constantly, every day. Lol.) [Once he even talked with somebody – It was someone from MUCC→Mia as I remember - about “Sex in the city”. He was asking what boyfriend Carrie has now or smth. Lol.]

Maya: “Returned home. [And now he said something I don’t understand quite well. He wrote that someone(but not any certain person) should wash him.] Lol.

7th of September 2010

Aiji in the late morning: “Cleaning, I’m still cleaning… It’s troublesome. Someone help meee!” [And… some jrock friends of Aiji declared their will for help. Lol. Aiji knows how to start flirting with them. (^_^)]

Maya also wrote (about the same time) that he is starting another task and that he is a lost child. Then he was waiting for someone near the entrance and It was ages of waiting for him. Lol.

Maya(afternoon): “To what I said earlier, J-san from LUNA SEA said: <<You, are we still gonna go to Harajuku?>> I thought I’m gonna die. Cause of death: momentary tightening of chest caused by powerful feelings, because of that nice voice.”

Maya's TOKYO drive from 7-8th of September 2010

In the evening Maya wrote he wants to go somwhere, for example karaoke. And then:

Maya: “After all not going anywhere. Lonely at home working on LET ME’ CRAZY.”

“I wrote an mail to director about the progress of the work and recordings and wanted to eat and there’s now every word decorated with sushi. Please someone take responsibility.”

“One sake, one sushi alone.”

“Moreover, strolling.”

“Will it be a voice of a cricket? Sign of Autumn.”

“<<Sign of Autumn>> has been singing.”

“Deep red in a dark night. The temptation of the empty taxi lamp.”

“I am defeated by temptation completely.”

“However, I’ll get a ride in 40 seconds.”

“Shellfish fiesta.”

“However, I was in many places but not ordered so much. Cheers.”

Aiji @Maya: “Really!? That’s good.”

Maya: “Met an acquaintance.”

“Great people are gathering like always during weekdays. And us, complete recluses. Cheers.”

“Changing plans.”

“ I appeared in his car. TOKYO endless drive.”

“I found some fireworks in the car. Cheer luck.” [he meant sparklers]

Aiji @Maya: “Fireworks!? Please, come and pick me up!”

Maya @Aiji: “’I’m melting!”

Aiji @Maya: “Sleep.”

Maya @Aiji: “I’ve been waiting!”

Aiji @Maya: “What?/Huh?”

Maya @Aiji: “At the sushi bar.” , “In the dark road at night to a sushi bar!”

Aiji @Maya: “No, I was full[not hungry].”

Maya @Aiji: “You come!”

Aiji @Maya: “I always let you catch me!”

Maya @Aiji: “Senpai,,, <catch>you’re saying cowardly.

Aiji @Maya: “Aah〜? What did you say? “( *`ω´)

Maya @Aiji: “Scaryyy,,, Somebody help me (T_T)tears”

Maya: “I tried to light fireworks inside car.” [he meant sparklers]

Aiji @Maya: “Real fire in car… scary”

★★★★★★★ translated by: Maczka&Chico ★★★★★★★

~If you wanna post our translations somewhere else or translate them to other language, feel free to do it, but please, credit and comment us~

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