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VALLOW translation

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VALLOW translation Empty VALLOW translation

Post by Kei on Wed Aug 27, 2014 1:34 pm

BIG thanks to my friend Chriss who not only bought and sent me the magazine but included a translation of Maya's section! She says it's not 100% perfect but it was late and it's a decent translation. So, here we go!


I'm not hung up on fashion.
Or rather, I'm not bothered about it right now (laughs).
Before, about 5 years ago, I became the kind of person who wore a suit every day.
That is, I want to become the kind of adult that suits that.
I think I became a settled person perhaps.
For example, people who suit British-type, western suits - I sorta thought I'd like to do that.

The colour with absolute power is black.
A few years ago I was shown that my most auspicious lucky colours were red and black. I suppose before that I would have said black and silver but still. The colours I wore then and my lucky colours end up being quite similar, huh.
Then a bit ago it was white.
I suppose now I choose all colours of the rainbow. There's not really meaning to all 7 colours but they have a tumbling, free feeling.
Ah, this seems to have turned into an advert for our new album [Perfect Rainbow] (laughs).

I suppose when it comes to raw materials I wouldn't choose things like silk 'cause I'm a child (laughs)
So I don't know but... I like things I like huh... I think (laughs).
Although I do like things that are easy to wear, like cotton. That's pretty safe.
I have about 50 T-shirts.
Sorta built up.

Generally speaking, taking care of things for a long tie. I tend to wear things for about five years too long... And around then I'll think it's great.
Once I've fallen in love with something once, I will never hate it, ever. Things and people.
And clothes, obviously.
If I become some oldguy still wearing the same clothes I do now
that'll be funny.
If I think, oh those are some cool clothes... even if it's just someone walking in the street, I'll call out to them.
Although lately I get replies like "isn't that a bad live!?" (laughs) But I always say it politely!
The first time I yelled out at someone I was in middle school. It was a time I went to see and X concert and in the street
I was someone with the same Gaultier bad HIDE had.

and LM.C
LM.C's fashion is "OO-ish stuff" kind of feeling.
"I want LM.C to take on this kind of air..." kind of thing.
Kids motivated to copy this kind of image are the cutest.
Even if it's stuff like tour shirts
rather than "I'll be popular if I wear this" I have a feeling of "everyone will be pleased with me..." so
I think me right now it pretty emotional and healthy (laughs).

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