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Happy Holidays!

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Happy Holidays!

Post by Blue-eyed-beauty42 on Thu Dec 20, 2012 5:32 am

Okay, Christmas Is only a few days away. And I hope everyone has a Wonderful Christmas. =) But I posted this mostly for New Years. Alot of people make new years resolutions and try the're best to stick with 'em. Well, I'm curious! have you set a New Years resolution for yourself? If so, what Is It? I would love to read them! Um, I'll start. This year, I have gotton through the dark abyss of Adolesence, I have been finding out who I really am and have become much more confident. I plan to start my new year off being myself, not so shy, just living the way I want too and not trying to bend myself so I can fit In everyone else's Idea of perfect. And, I also plan to work really hard and save up so I can see LM.C live. I find myself strangely happy days..and I want to keep It that way. So, tell me any resolutions you plan to stick to In the new year! BTW, all of you Wonderaholics are seriously awesome so please be safe, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!! wink kiss (and BTW, I am totally sorry If It seems like I ask stupid questions sometimes. My Internet connection sucks and sometimes It doesn't load pictures, posts, I have to ask sometimes because of my dummy Internet. =/ sorry people. I'm not as dumb as I may look. =P just wanted to clear that up.)

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Re: Happy Holidays!

Post by Nika. on Thu Dec 20, 2012 10:38 am

Yay, holidays start today in my area :)
I wish that every wonderholic will spend great christmas day with family and friends and will get a lot of amazing presents!
I found myself this year, too and I think LM.C helped me a bit to stand by myself and to go my own way. My resolution for the next year is to graduate school and that I can begin to study. And of course I want to support LM.C in the most impossible way. :)

Merry Christmas & a happy new year! maya punky heart kiss


We're just wonderholic! ☆

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Re: Happy Holidays!

Post by MeiMei-nyan on Fri Dec 21, 2012 4:35 am

Christmas is in a few days but anyway MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL WONDERHOLICS!!!
My Christmas Holidays started on the 1st of December 'cause I'm in Australia hahaha Sweat Drop
I FOUND MYSELF THIS YEAR TOO! HOW MANY PEOPLE DISCOVERED THEMSELVES THIS YEAR?! laugh Well it was just mainly the kind of music I actually like, I used to be into KE$HA and Lady Gaga Sweat Drop And umm this year I also graduated in junior school and next year I'll be in grade 8! maya rocking
So umm new year resolves.. huh I'll start studying more for exams and support LM.C by buying their stuff!

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Re: Happy Holidays!

Post by Kei on Sun Dec 23, 2012 8:56 pm

For new year, my resolution is to work hard on MAD FAMILY for LM.C fans to support LM.C, and, be better at handling my money, and to work hard toward my studies and becoming the person I want to be, while staying true to myself and not being a certain way just to please others!

I hope you all have a great christmas and new year!

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Re: Happy Holidays!

Post by Sponsored content

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