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LM.C / Zookeepers [NEO Genesis - Zoom Up!! 2010] translation

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LM.C / Zookeepers [NEO Genesis - Zoom Up!! 2010] translation Empty LM.C / Zookeepers [NEO Genesis - Zoom Up!! 2010] translation

Post by milktune on Sun Aug 26, 2012 12:48 am

Couldn't sleep, so decided to translate this mini-reportage from Neo Genesis vol. 49 - ZOOM UP!! If I have time I'll translate the other parts too.

LM.C / Zookeepers [NEO Genesis - Zoom Up!! 2010] translation Fsfsdf11

LM.C's somewhat prestigious story

Part 5「zookeepers」
Title letters : maya

When the two members of LM.C are once again expected to do too much, they’ll be having trouble for the fifth time in the series. This time, what have they become if not zookeepers? Or should we say they’ve been talked into doing it. maya being in charge of the animals, how will this end up?

■So, we have the two zookeepers. Now, which animals are they in charge of?

maya「The elephant’s Aiji-san’s, right?」

Aiji「I’m in charge of the elephant, yeah.」

maya「How is it like?」

Aiji「The elephant is really friendly by nature, so there aren’t any problems.」

maya「To be so close to it and take care of it, how do you think it’s like? 」

Aiji「Smelly (laughs). Though well, I’m also excited by the feeling of affinity in such a moment.」

maya「I didn’t mean anything bad. Anyhow, at what time of the day is the elephant eating? 」

Aiji「As for the elephant, it eats while it’s awake」

maya「Right now, how old is it?」

Aiji「According to human years, 32 (laughs). The prime of life. Thoughtful yet vigorous」

maya「Oh, does it draw pictures with is trunk by any chance?」

Aiji「no, this girl doesn’t. Though it seems like it wants to greet, it’s raising its foreleg, isn’t it? maya, which animal are you going to be in charge of now?」

maya「Right now, none. I’ve been designated another task for now though, as a ticket collector in the entrance.」

■But, shouldn’t they be working as zookeepers?

Aiji「Have you done something then?」

maya「Actually I was in charge of Pan-san, the black panther, it’s tail happened to get a slightly pink color though (laughs). 」

Aiji「Did you bleach it on your own or-?」

maya「Yep. Might have overdone it...」

Aiji「Did the director get mad at you?」

maya「No、he got mad and blamed some children. So, the ticket collection has passed, I will get a trigger finger (laughs). 」

Aiji「Eh? But, before the panther, someone must’ve been in charge for the giraffe?」

maya「You mean Fifi the giraffe (laughs). It was my job. That was some seriously stiff shoulders. 」

Aiji「Your shoulders? Or the girrafe’s?」

maya「Fifi’s. At first I just thought, where are the shoulders、it’s pretty easy to forget, right? (laughs) 」

Aiji「Right (laughs). 」

maya「This kind of thing, when you’re caring with your heart, It’s weird. That girl, she was really high conscious. But, well she was a good girl. Though one thing that wasn’t very good would be…」

Aiji「What happened?」

■You don’t say she escaped, did she?

maya「Errhm. Actually, when speaking about that、it’s good for her sake to be released. Don’t you think it is?」

Aiji「How old was she again? 」

maya「About 60 years I think. Though as a girl I don’t think she told me her right age.」

Aiji「(laughs) Then it’s time for retirement. 」

maya「Yeah, though Fifi is fine… I think. Looks like she’s now living in harmony with nature. Wich reminds me of; Aiji, what did you name your elephant? 」


maya「What, are you trying to cover up a name!? (laughs) 」

LM.C / Zookeepers [NEO Genesis - Zoom Up!! 2010] translation Aijips12
Senpai fell in love with Bambi. @maya

LM.C / Zookeepers [NEO Genesis - Zoom Up!! 2010] translation Mayaps10


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LM.C / Zookeepers [NEO Genesis - Zoom Up!! 2010] translation Empty Re: LM.C / Zookeepers [NEO Genesis - Zoom Up!! 2010] translation

Post by LauYuki on Sat Sep 01, 2012 12:36 am

Thanks for the translation cheer

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