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Twitter translations: New outfits hints

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Twitter translations: New outfits hints Empty Twitter translations: New outfits hints

Post by Chico on Tue Mar 15, 2011 3:28 pm

But after few days Aiji said that all these ↓hints↓ were lies!! XD
And we already know how their new outfits look like...
Anyway, enjoy ★


Maya: “In the city in the middle of the day. I saved, because the new clothes are mostly nude.”

Aiji: “@Maya Stop spoiling! ( ´θ`)ノ”

And after an hour Aiji wrote that photograph said that diamonds seems to be lumps of happiness, and he called it quote of the day. Later he wrote that they ended photoshoot for a cover of some magazine, and are now moving to the second studio. “LM.C is feeling good and continues shooting.”

A while later Maya wrote: “In a sport car. There’s only six cars like this in the world.”, “A night in Tokyo driving in a super car. Current background music is A Blueberry Night. That’s called a grand incongruity.”

At the end Aiji wrote they ended shooting and it was fun and good feeling. The last part was half-outdoors and the clothes were good, because they were almost naked. “Lol.”

Later ↓

DENKI MAN: The clothes are almoste naked…?

Then DENKI started to give us some hints about the new costumes.

He wrote it could be some summer outfits with a very little of fabric.

Or something more like Martin Margiela’s strings and straps…

Or something like EGA (Elegant Gothic Lolita).

Or sth like GHOST † HEART – when there are just bones, so it is almost naked.

Or maybe it’s just simple tank tops and shorts?

Maybe it’s smth inspired by heavy rotation, so maybe a lingerie?

Or some GAGA-like outfit… And crawling… hiding banknotes…

Delusions run out.

[Then he is suggesting something more but it’s complete mess. :P Something about “water boys”, and the idea of photoshoot naked with guitars only … But in the end it turns out he may not know anything at all, because he said: “If any of those were correct, please praise me.” – and it looks like he is asking Maya or Aiji if he guessed.]

★★★★★★★ translated by: Maczka&Chico ★★★★★★★

~If you wanna post this somewhere else or translate it to other language feel free to do it, but please tell and credit us~

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