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LM.C TV on MJP (25/03/12)

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LM.C TV on MJP (25/03/12) Empty LM.C TV on MJP (25/03/12)

Post by Hika-Chan on Sun Mar 25, 2012 6:59 pm

(sorry if I messed up with the date, I wrote it like DDMMYY)

Here's the translations from MJP's twitter. I post it here so you won't have to search for it later ^^

Hello everyone watching musicJAPANplus. Tonight it's LM.C TV!
Let's introduce the members, these are maya and Aiji.
They have been very busy this year and they are going in and outside of Japan

Maya: we have some time off
Aiji: I am ok.

It's been watched by the fans all over the world. We have got many questions from fans. Let's start Q&A!
Therefore there is the real time translations on twitter. So we hope many will watch it

Q: I am taking exams this year. How did you study for your exam?
Maya: I have never studied.
Aiji: I didn't do much in middle school but then it turned bad and I thought I needed to study more.
Maya: If you are young, you can't really see your future. And I went to a very competitive school. It was a waste kind of.

Q: Question from the states. How did you two guys meet?
Maya: We are both from Nagano. Nagano is quite big but we are both from the north and he was my senpai, and I was the kohai in music career.
Aiji: It was like 5 years ago. Maybe a bit earlier
Maya: And he was a legend around my town. And he made us feel our dreams closer. He was in Tokyo and big.
Aiji: I totally don't remember that band of yours.

Q: I always enjoy your works. So I want Maya to answer clearly this time, how tall are you? Once there was a question in a magazine and while Aiji answered, maya didn't. So I want you to answer it this time.
Maya: I am 183 cm tall.but if you see it now maybe it's 187 cm.
Aiji: But it changes really, I've been to complete medical checkup and my height was 0.6 cm higher

Q: This question is to maya, but please tell us an episode about Aiji that happened recently.
Maya: I want you to see how he imitates the cat. The question she wanted ask is hard to answer. You have to see it in live.

Q: Why did you dye your hair that color?
Maya: Because I felt like it. Many reasons but because I felt like to. I have never made it this bright before. And I thought it was a good chance. You don't have much chance to dye your hair like this when you get old sooooo.

Do you usually go out with that color.
Maya: That's all I can do, right? And since I dyed like this more people notice me. Not sure if tney are my fans or just people who knows me. They say "That's Maya!"

Q: What kind of presents are you returning for White Days?
Aiji: In the past it had been marshmallows.I think it is important to match the present with what you got. But since it's me, I usually don't return anything.
Maya: Well, if you don't want to give it, you don't need to. When you have a good idea, you should. The feeling is important, right? If you want to return something do it, if not, don't.
Aiji: I don't really like these kind of events. The same goes for Christmas. I don't really get what its all about.
Maya: I really like flowers recently.

Q: What kind of event made you the most happy recently?
Maya: well, I feel happy all the time. When I see my fans, this moment I am here. It's unlimited. I think Aiji feels most happy when his cat sleeps on his chest.
Aiji: That's probably it. My cat is just like my roommate. and then it is about finishing a new piece of music.

Q: During this tour you have come to many places.You seem to be very close, & I have a best friend too. Do you fight and how do you resolve it?
Aiji: We usually don't fight. Therefore I don't really know how to resolve it...
Maya: Well, they want to be nice to each other, then you should argue, and then you will know more about them. It's good if you are able to fight

But since you don't do it, that's good too, isn't it?
Maya: Even if we have different opinion, we talk to make LM.C better. We are adults.

Q: The next question is from Laura from England. Is there any kind of food you would like to challenge in Europe?
Aiji: There is this kind of fish in Sweden that stinks really bad. I think I would like to try it.
Maya: In Finnland there is this candy called Salmiak and it is black and it has a mysterious taste. You don't really know if it's sweet or salty. Once you get to eat it you have to say how it was.

Q: The next questions is from Australia. What are you currently curious about?
Maya: From Australia? I am curious about Australia. Haven't been there to perform yet.
Aiji: We would like to go to Australia. Until now we haven't been able.In case you want us to come there, please invite us!! Other than that there isn't really anything. Once I go to places I get curious about things.
I want to know when the pollen season is over. I can not be as productive. During the tour I'am usually just thinking about work.
Maya: It seems hard.
Aiji: You are just saying aren't you? You have to experience pollen allergy to understand how hard it is.

Q: I love you too much, what should I do about that?
Aiji: As for LM.C that's awesome, so it's fine like that!

There are lots of comments for USTREAM...
Aiji: Are you listening ?
There are so many awesome comments from overseas!
Aiji: Lots are using Twitter.

Q: You eat a lot of Chupa Chups, what's your favorite taste?
Maya: Ah, you are living in that era... I don't usually eat chupa chups. When I do, I choose it by color. I like strawberry cream in the winter. And coke in the summer.
Aiji: I haven't seen him eating any chupa chups in private

Are you matching your outfits with the colors too?
Maya: Someone was saying it looks like bento but I thought it was "lunch pack". I looked up "lunch pack" image and send it by mail.

There are lots of different tastes. You have that ChupaChups tower on stage don't you?
Aiji: Oh, I thought it was my Tomiko.

Q: Are you going to see the new 3D Star Wars movie?
This is a question from Okasan (mom). Not the real one, it's her nickname.
Aiji: I don't like that kind of perspective. It's not important to have those movies in 3D now. They have always been good without already so I am not really interested.

In April you are going to release your new album. And you are going on very long tour.
Aiji: Once we have decided on the scheduled for this year, I really felt like the year is already over.

So, how did you come up with the name STRONG POP?
Maya: Well, I really don't care what people think about our music, but this came up which I think it represents our music well.

The title is very much based on the two of you isn't it? So let's go by songs and talk about what the strong point about each song is.
Maya: 01. Be STRONG, Be POP. is a intro

2. Ah Hah!
Aiji: The song is rather short, only about 2 + minutes and start off of it.

Maya: Ehhh. Donzuba. It's the core of LM.C and at the same time you can feel the future. But this is really LM.C.

Aiji: I think this song will be exciting during lives and gives off a club feeling.

Maya: 05. MY BOY... Hmmm boy... And it's a girl... So, there was a song called my girl. It is a couple song. my girl is small caps and MY BOY is big caps and I want you to see it too.

6. Goak-On-SOUL
Aiji: It's chaos. The song is based on what has been happening during the year. You need to listen to it to understand.
Maya: Do they have Goukon overseas? Is there something like izakaya? Would it be like pub? Well it would be interesting to show the culture of Gokon. How to drink and how men do the talking and...

7. We are LM.C!! ~The Anthem of Strong Pop~
Aiji: Well, it's an "Anthem". That's all there is to say.

Maya: I wanted to use this kind of phrase before and I was very particular about it.

9. COMBATmode
Aiji: It's a command and probably LM.C fastest song.

10. Peekaboo
Maya: I was thinking peekaboo is interesting. It is different in each countries. I wanted to make LM.C version of peekaboo.

11. Hoshi no Arika
Aiji: We gathered the voices of the fans when they sang in a chorus and that's what we focused on. The love that we get from our fans.
What kind of color would you give to that song?
Maya: Brown. (laughs)

12. Nanimo Hajimaranakatta Ichinichi no Owari
Maya: If I can feel every moment is a miracle. It would be good. And every song has a same message basically. Human, and..

Aiji: It's like an explosion that fits the album title. Something grat to finish off the album.
Maya: Since the song had been released as a single it feels quite old.

These are the 13 songs of the album!
From here on you will be going on your overseas tour. Can you tell us something that happened to you previously.

Maya: Hmm, not so much overseas...
Aiji: We had the biggest typhoon in Taiwan. They were actually cleaning up the venue. But we did perform. When we were returning from Frankfurt, the weather had been bad and all flights were delayed.

LM.C seems to be calling for storms in general.

Q: Ok, another question. What are the difference between Japanese and overseas fans?
Maya: The energy is different. but Not so much difference in their love. Of course if I compare the volume of the voice with Brazil and Japan, there is differences. In Japan, they would listen when the song is ballad, but overseas... it's different
Aiji: They would always act like it's chorus. But the feeling is the same for everyone.

Is there a country where you would like to go? A place where you haven't been yet?
Everyone is already waiting for your already so it would be great to go to many places.

Maya: We asked for where to go and we received mails from South Africa as well.
Looking at it, I was surprised but...the time is almost up already!!!!!

So let's introduce the coming scheduled from here, OK?
Please leave a message for our viewers and those you are going to meet.

Aiji: The album is going to be great so I would be happy if you would come to our show.


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LM.C TV on MJP (25/03/12) Empty Re: LM.C TV on MJP (25/03/12)

Post by MAD_lambochan on Wed Mar 28, 2012 7:52 am

too long.. hahah maybe i'll read it next time.. :DD i bet it's awesome


maya let me crazy aiji wfwh

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LM.C TV on MJP (25/03/12) Empty Re: LM.C TV on MJP (25/03/12)

Post by MonsterLaura on Thu Mar 29, 2012 8:13 am

THanks for posting the translation! ^____^
Now i get what they were talking about better. I was reading the mjp translations along with watching, but i wasn't focused, so reading it now is better ;D


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LM.C TV on MJP (25/03/12) Empty Re: LM.C TV on MJP (25/03/12)

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